We build long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients instead of the transactional and impersonal approach so common amongst the big agencies. We quit big agency consulting because we wanted to do things differently – so, we created our own model of consultancy.

We saw that what society expected of our clients was changing and that the current model of CSR, issues management and public affairs was not cutting it anymore. We are a purpose-centric engagement consultancy deploying a network of best-in-class, straight-talking, curiosity-driven professionals brought together by a passion for meaningful change. 

We believe that social purpose should be embedded in everything leaders do. We also believe that money should only be spent on purpose when it actually has impact. So, we help our clients find their unique purpose, figure out how to achieve the biggest impact, and be recognized for it.

We spare our clients the expensive overheads and unnecessary infrastructure and just give them what they really want – solid research and analysis, understanding of how issues play out in different regions in the world, forward-looking ideas, and a strategy that works. 

We started Shared Purpose with one goal – put purpose where it ought to be – at the center of the offer, at the center of what we and what our clients do. 

We are picky about who we work with. And every time we get to pitch to a prospective client, it is because we really, really want to work with them.



Our team helped a principled company deliver on its leadership ambition on the issue of marketing food and drinks responsibly in an era of growing childhood obesity. We supported them to figure out the way to make a difference, get others to follow and be recognised as a leader.

The Shared Purpose team has worked on the issue of responsible marketing for a combined 25 years.

child development

Our team supported a prominent purpose-led company to refresh its brand purpose by infusing it with impact and meaning for stakeholders and consumers alike. We worked with some of the world’s biggest experts on child development and helped launch a movement to spark consumer and stakeholder action.

Supported the development of the first holistic child development guidelines for parents.


Our team supported a leading FMCG company to identify a social purpose aligned with its business and scientific activities. We helped to formulate a POV on how to deliver impact in the most credible, effective way, combining existing CSR initiatives and platforms.

Developed a cohesive corporate purpose on malnutrition, combining existing CSR initiatives and platforms.

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